Get ready to discover God's own country from the comfort of a luxury caravan-kerala tour

Plan your trip to Kerala without worrying about your accommodations. The Caravans in Kerala are all set to welcome you.

The Kerala Tourism Corporation is pleased to present a new experience, comprising safe, customized and close-to-nature travel, three decades after the historic houseboat experience. Private investors, tour operators, and local communities are among the key stakeholders in the development of the Keralan tourism industry.

Caravan Experience by kerala tourism

Tourism Caravans and Caravan Parks constitute the two major components of this sector. Unlike the first case, where specially-built vehicles are used for travel, leisure, and hotel accommodation, Caravan Parks are designated areas for parking vehicles, enabling visitors to stay for a night or a day or stay for an extended period of time in order to explore the surrounding area.

In addition, Caravan Tourism will promote Responsible Tourism as a means to promote sustainable growth and to benefit local communities. Eco-friendly practices will also be promoted and local products will be marketed.

In addition, two types of caravans will be available. Two guests may be accommodated in one model, while a family of four members may be accommodated in the other.

In the tourism caravans, there will be an air-conditioner, a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave oven, dining table, toilet cubicle, partition behind the driver, charging system, GPS, and the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. These caravans will also have sofa-cum-beds, internet connectivity, audio-video facilities, charging systems, and internet connectivity.

Caravan tourism is distinguished by its environmental sensitivity, so vehicles that adhere to Bharat Stage VI standards will be used. To ensure complete guest security, real-time monitoring of the caravans will be enabled by information technology.

Additionally, a fool-proof approval procedure was established to allow approval for the operation of caravans in accordance with the requirements of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules set by the Department of State Motor Vehicles.

In terms of development, caravan parks will be developed on a private, public or joint basis. Despite the fact that the fundamental attributes of parks remain the same, their configuration will differ from location to location.

The ideal caravan park will provide tourists with a hassle-free and stress-free environment, protected by amenities, such as block walls, adequate safety and security arrangements, patrols and surveillance cameras. Medical emergencies will be handled by the Park authorities in conjunction with local authorities and local medical institutions.

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