Free subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney + Hotstar with this Jio Pack

 Jio Users Can Enjoy Free Amazon Prime Netflix Disney + Hotstar Free with this Package

Free Subscription to Amazon prime Netflix and Hotstar

The OTT Companies Are In The Process Of Capturing This Market, And Videos Can Be Viewed By Paying A Subscription.

From Now On, Jio Subscribers Will Be Able To Receive Subscriptions To Amazon Prime, Netflix, And Hot Star As Part Of A Single Plans. In Addition To Amazon Prime, Netflix, And Hot Star, Jio Is Offering A Single Postpaid Rate Of Rs 399. 

With  Rs 399 Recharge, Customers Of Reliance Jio Postpaid Will Receive 75 GB Of Data As Well As SMS, Unlimited Calls, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, And Disney Hotstar. Can Be Utilized

For A Recharge Of Rs. 399, You Will Receive 100GB Of Data. Furthermore, You Will Have Access To SMS, Unlimited Calls, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hot Star, And Rs. 799 Recharge. With 150 GB Of Data .

 As Well As This, You Will Be Able To Utilize SMS, Unlimited Local Calls, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hot Star And Two Additional SIM Cards Under The Family Plan.

All three Plans Have An Additional Data Rollover Support Of Up To 200 GB, Which Means That The Data Can Be Accessed In The Month Following The Expiration Of The Previous Month's Data.

Recharging For Rs.999 Will Give You 200GB Of Data. In Addition To This, You Can Also Benefit From Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Calls, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar, As Well As Under The Family Plan. 

You May Also Have Up To Three Additional SIM Cards. Additionally, You Are Entitled To 500 GB Of Additional Data By Rolling Over, Plus 300 GB Of Additional Data By Recharging Rs. 999, Along With Unlimited Calls, Netflix, Amazon, As Well As Disney Hot Star, As Well As Making Voice Calls To The United States And The UAE. In Addition, There Is A 500GB Rollover Facility Available.

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