Ramayana Chapter 9 - Rama leaves Ayodhya

 Ramayana Chapter 9 - Rama leaves Ayodhya

Ramayana Chapter 9 - Rama leaves Ayodhya

Kaikeyi insisted that her son Bharatha to be crowned as King to rule Aydohya and Rama should be banished to live in exile in the forest for 14 years. 

Dasaratha was shocked hearing this . However because of the oath Dasaratha had made to her years back she made the king to agree to fulfill her wishes, even though the King on bended knee begged his wife Kaikeyi not to demand such things. 

Broken hearted King could not face Rama with this requirement demanded by Kaikeyi.But at the same time had to fulfill the oath he had made to her. So Dasaratha with heavy heart and unbearable grief ordered his intimate son Rama banishment. 

Obedient Rama accepted the order unhesitatingly persuading his father not to be worried or sad about it. When Sita, Rama’s wife , heard Rama was to be banished she begged to accompany him to his forest retreat. Rama initially did not agree with her request but in front of the arguments and justifications put forth by her he had to agree. 

Thus Rama and Sita Accompanied by brother Lakshmana proceeded to forest to live in exile for 14 long years.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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