Ramayana Chapter 8-Dhasaratha in Grief

Ramayana Chapter 8-Dhasaratha in Grief

Ramayana Chapter 8-Dhasaratha in Grief

Queen Kaikeyi was the youngest and loveliest of the three queens of King Dasaratha. Besides being beautiful , she was also a good warrior. Dasaratha was bewitched by the beauty and well manners of Kaikeyi. Thus the King spent most of his evenings in her palace.

 There is a story behind the boons granted to Kaikeyi by the King Dasaratha. Once a demon Sambasur attacked the heavens , Indra had requested Dasaratha to join him to fight and defeat the demons. Kaikeyi being a good warrior also accompanied him. During the course of fighting with the demons the wheel of Dasaratha’s chariot was about to fall off its axel .

 But Kaikeyi was alert and held the wheel in its position with her strong figure. Later when the King fainted while fighting, Kaikeyi drove the chariot away from the battle field and thus saved his life. Overwhelmed with gratitude for her timely help the King bestowed two boons to her. But she kept them to be fulfilled if it became necessary in future. 

Preparations to crown Rama were in progress and on the evening of the day Dasaratha went to Kaikeyi’s palace . On entering the Queen’s apartment he was surprised seeing her room in disorder and the queen lying on floor weeping and wailing. The King went near to her asking the cause of her grief. She expressed her fear if Rama was consecrated as King and insisted her son Bharatha to be crowned as King in place of Rama. 

When Dasaratha did not agree to her demand she reminded him of the two wishes which he had promised to fulfill. She insisted Bharatha should be consecrated as the King of Ayodhya and the second wish would be Rama should be exiled to the forest for 14 years. The King was shocked. He was tortured by grief and regret, confusion and uncertain about what to do .

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