Ramayana Chapter 7 - Manthara's Anger

 Ramayana Chapter 7 - Manthara's Anger

Ramayana Chapter 7 - Manthara's Anger

One day the young princes Rama and his three brothers were playing in the large courtyard. Manthara was asked to look after the children. Manthara observed as the children ran and played in courtyard which was lined with lush green grass and beautifully maintained. 

While playing their favorite game of epic battlers using their imagination at some point the two favorite sons of Dasaratha, Rama and Bharatha began getting too rough at which time Manthara intervened to reprimand the boys.

 Angry, that a petty servant was giving him orders , Rama shot her in the back with a toy arrow and cursed her disfigured body shape. Furious Manthara shouting at Rama ran into her living room. Innocent Rama was shocked as he did not intend to inflict her.

All her life Manthara had experienced ill- treatment and mockery because of her hunchback. It was no fault of her she had to bear the insults . She decided to take revenge upon all those who tormented her. She used the opportunity very well by poisoning the mind of Kaikeyi to make sure that Rama would not inherit the throne.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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