Ramayana Chapter 5-Rama's Marriage

 Ramayana Chapter 5-Rama's Marriage

Ramayana Chapter 5-Rama's Marriage

Rama was rewarded divine weapons by his Guru during his stay in Viswamitra’s hermitage. One day Sage Viswamitra took Rama and Lakshmana to the Court of King Janaka of Videha. King Janaka had a daughter named Sita who was named so because she was born out of Earth (Bhumi Devi. ). 

It is said that king Janka found her emerging out of earth when he was plowing in the field. Janaka raised her as his daughter with love and care. When she grew and attained the age of marriage Janaka wanted to find a very handsome and valiant bridegroom for his daughter. 

The King was having a wonderful bow, popularly known as Siva Dhanush which was given to him by Lord Siva. He had announced that he would give his daughter Sita in marriage only to the man who could draw the divine bow. Many of the princes had tried and failed. 

They were not able even to lift the bow. It was the time when Viswamitra entered the court accompanied by Rama and Lakshmana. Viswamitra knew that Sita is meant for Rama only. He advised Rama to try his luck in lifting the bow. Rama went near the bow and looked at his Guru Viswamitra for his blessings and easily lifted the bow. 

When he tried to draw the bow it snapped into two pieces. King Janaka was delighted and congratulated Rama. King Dasaratha was summoned and so the marriage of Rama and Sita was sumptuously celebrated. They returned to Ayodhya. Rama with his wife Sita lived happily in Ayodhya for many years.

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