Ramayana Chapter 4-Rama and daemons

 Ramayana Chapter 4-Rama and daemons

Ramayana Chapter 4-Rama and daemons

Sage Viswamitra asked King Dasaratha to send Rama with him in order to protect the Vedic ritual and worship being performed by him in his hermitage from the demons Mareecha and Subhahu, who constantly disrupted the rituals by throwing pieces of meat and blood polluting the Altar of Fire in which offerings were given as Vedic ritual. 

The Brahmarishi Viswamitra could not control his rage when the King refused his request. Sage Vasishta intervenes to pacify Viswamitra and convinces the King Dasaratha to agree to Viswamitra’s request by enumerating the capabilities of Viswamitra and his profound knowledge in weaponry which would be beneficial to Young Rama. 

Vasishta also hints that all those weapons with knowledge of using them will be given by Viswamitra to Rama. At last Dasaratha agrees to send Rama and Lakshmana with the sage Viswamitra.

One may ask why the powerful Viswamitra with his extensive skills in weaponry was not prepared to kill the demons himself. The story behind is that Viswamitra was a great emperor who left everything including his kingdom to become a sage like Vasishta. 

He first became a Rajarshi . It is said that he performed very tough penance to please god and became a Brahmarishi who performed Moksha Kameshti the highest Vedic ritual. He possessed complete knowledge of missiles and weaponry. 

To kill the demons one needs rajastic guna which Viswamitra had lost becoming a Brahmarishi.

When the two demons were engaged in disrupting the yagna performed by Viswamitra and other sages, the young Rama and Lakshmana attacked the two demons. Subhahu was killed and Mareecha ran away. Mareecha was spared as Rama did not intend to kill him.

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