Ramayana Chapter 28- Ravana Kidnaps Seeta

Ramayana Chapter 28 : Ravana Kidnaps Seeta

Lakshmana could no longer tolerate the heartbreaking abusive words uttered by Sita. He did not want to leave the place as Rama had asked him to remain nearby Sita for her safety.

                             But at her insistence he set out in search of Rama. Before going he chanted some mantra and with his arrow drew a line in the Sand all the way around the hermitage, which is called as Lakshmana Rekha. He requested Sita to remain inside the dwelling to be safe and secured and not to step out whatsoever may be reason. He said no one can cross that line. 

                                As soon as Lakshmana left the place Ravana who was standing by in the woods changed his appearance and came near the hermitage in the disguise of a sage. He then said “Bavathi Bhiksham Dehi “. Hearing the voice Sita thought that it is her duty as an aryan woman to give Bhiksha to any one who asks coming at the door of her home. So she came out with some food grains to give to the sage 

                           . Ravana made many attempts to cross the Lakshmana Rekha but each time blazing fire would jump up and sting him. 

                                     Sita came to the line and remembered Lakshmana’s words of caution. At this time Ravana sprinkled some water on Sita and she unknowingly crossed the line . 

                             Ravana caught her hand and forcibly dragged her towards his chariot which was kept hidden behind the trees nearby. Forcing her into the chariot Ravana with her rose into the air.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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