Ramayana Chapter 27 - SITA’S RAGE

 Ramayana Chapter 27 - SITA’S RAGE

Before he breathed his last Maricha simulating in Rama’s voice cried out “ Ah Sita and Ah Lakshmana “ deliberately to cheat Sita and Lakshmana. 

             Hearing the crying voice Sita mistook it to be cry of her beloved Rama who seemed to be in trouble. She was overwhelmed by fear and in a crying voice ordered Lakshmana to go at once to help his brother. Lakshmana knew the tricks played by the Rakshasa to deceive them . 

                                      So he did not move from his place. Seeing him unwilling to move Sita appealed him again and again in fear and anxiety “ I hear my lord’s voice in distress. Go go do not delay he is in some great danger “. Lakshmana tried to calm her stating that there is none on this who can win a battle with Rama or harm him. Do not get frenzied. He tried to persuade her saying that the voice she heard was not Rama’s. 

                                 It was a trick played by Maricha to mislead us. But Sita could not control her anger and shouted “ son of Sumitra have you also turned enemy of us? Have you been an imposter all these years? Have you been with us wanting only Rama to die? Pretending to be his friend?

These cruel words pierced Lakshmana’s heart like poisoned arrows. He closed his ears with his hands. He said to her “ there’s no need to fear O mother he will return safely, calm your self. All his words had no effect on Sita.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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