Ramayana Chapter 26- Rama Chasing the Deer

Ramayana Chapter 26- Rama Chasing  the Deer

Ramayana Chapter 26- Rama Chasing  the Deer

Seeing the extraordinary beauty of the deer Sita was overwhelmed by surprise and excitement and in very loud voice called Rama to show him the marvelous beauty of the golden deer.

                     She expressed her very deep desire to her beloved husband Rama to possess the wonderful animal. But Lakshmana grew suspicious.He felt that the deer was not an ordinary one but seemed to be a Rakshsa in disguise. He tried to convince the truth to Sita.

  It was in vain. She insisted Rama to catch and bring it to her. Rama instructed brother Lakshmana to remain beside Sita and guard her vigilantly. Rama then set out to chase the deer. In order to give plenty of time to Ravana to fulfill his plan to abduct Sita , the deer kept running keeping with in the sight of Rama and beyond his reach. Rama kept running behind the animal. 

 At last Maricha realized that this game would not go long and his death was sure . Rama was tired chasing it. Rama bent his bow and shot an arrow which pierced the stag. Maricha at once turned to his original form and simulating in Rama’s voice called out “ Ah Sita and Ah Lakshmana” and fell dead.

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