Ramayana Chapter 25- Maricha and Ravana at Panchavati

 Ramayana Chapter 25- Maricha  and  Ravana at Panchavati

Ramayana Chapter 25- Maricha  and  Ravana at Panchavati

Maricha very well knew who Rama was and his prowess as well as divinity of Sita. So he tried to stop Ravana from going ahead with his harmful and ruin begetting plan to kidnap Sita. All his efforts went in vain in front of the frenzied Ravana . 
                                                  At last Maricha had no way other than to obey the orders of his king. Ravana was overjoyed and embraced Maricha when he agreed to go with him to Rama’s dwelling place. Immediately the two ascended the magnificent chariot of Ravana and departed to their place of destination Panchvati. 

                                       When they spotted Rama’s Ashram the chariot was stopped a few distance away from the Ashram. They alighted there and Ravana explained Marcha the full plan and procedures to be followed thereafter. Maricha with his magical power manifested as beautiful golden deer with silver spots on its golden skin. 

                                                With such surpassing beauty it wandered about here and there. Sometimes walked slowly and suddenly jumped, disappeared and reappeared near Rama’s Ashram. Sometimes it would join the herds of deer in the place. Sita who was gathering flowers in the forest happed to see this beautiful deer and stared spell bound at its stunning beauty.

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