Ramayana Chapter 21 - Khara’s death news reaches Ravana

Ramayana Chapter 21 - Khara’s death news reaches Ravana

Khara’s death news reaches Ravana

Akampana one of the Soldiers of Khara’s army escaped from the battle field of Panchvati ran to Lanka to inform Ravana about the battle and death of Khara.

                                          He told to Ravana that all their people who were residing in Janasthana were killed by Rama , son of King Dasaratha, a young warrior and Janasthana is an empty ruin. Khara’s whole army was destroyed and Khara was killed by Rama. 
                                              All done by a single human being Rama. Hearing the news Ravana furiously jumped from his seat . He could not control his rage .
                                              Ravana stared at Akampana and violently shouted “ speak out who killed my brother Khara and destroyed my lovely Janasthana.” Akampana was frightened by the King’s rage and said “I shall explain if you give me protection.” . 
                                            he then told him the story . The Rakshasa King hissed like a cobra and asked “what are you telling ? How did it happen? Did Indra and any divine hosts came down to earth and did fight on Rama’s side.
                            I will at once will go to Panchvati and burn them all “
“Hear me king before you go, you cannot win battle with him and for that matter nobody else on this earth” said Akampana and explained once again Rama’s strength and valor. “ So think well and plan how you can kill him without a direct battle with him. “

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