Ramayana Chapter 20 - Rama is attacked by Rakshasa Khara

 Ramayana  Chapter 20 - Rama is attacked by Rakshasa Khara

Rama is attacked by Rakshasa Khara

Surpanakha ran into the forest where her brother Khara with his army was camping. She told to Khara “ Oh brother a mere man has insulted me and cut my nose . Don’t you know how badly the man maimed me the sister of great Ravana .

 Don’t you hear my lamentation.
Can’t you send your soldiers to kill those two human creatures “. Hearing the compliant and predicament Kara decided to send his generals to fight with Rama and Lakshmana. Surpanakha accompanied by Several Generals Of Khara came back with determination to kill the two princes and drink their blood. Rama sensed the gravity of the situation. 

He asked Lakshmana to stay at the Ashram to guard Sita and he proceeded to meet the Rakshasa Army. As per the prevailing rules of war Rama asked the Generals the reason for their coming and told them that he was staying there in Panchavati to protect the sages of that place. He ordered them to leave the place if they wish to escape with life. But the Rakshasas wanted war not Peace. 

It did not take long time for Rama’s arrows to annihilate the Rakashasa Generals. Once again weeping loudly Surpanakha went To Khara. Khara could not believe that his mighty Generals were killed by a silly man. Disappointed and angry Khara proceeded to Panchavati with his army. 

 However he and his army could not stand before Rama’s arrows . The full Rakashasa army was destroyed and Khara was killed in the battle. Devas showered flowers on Rama from heaven as the sinful Rakashasa was killed and now tysages can live safely in Dandakaranya.

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