Ramayana Chapter 2-Rama's Childhood

 Ramayana Chapter 2-Rama's Childhood

Ramayana Chapter 2-Rama's Childhood

The citizens of the Kosala kingdom were very much joyful hearing the news of the newly born babies in the palace. The palace was filled with joy and absorbed in celebrating. 

The Queens were overjoyed with the arrival of the four beautiful and lovely princes. Rama was born of the eldest queen and hence attracted special attention, as the eldest son always had the first claim to the royal throne.

All four princes grew under the care of their parents. Rama being the incarceration of Lord Vishnu had a divine look on his face and every one loved him . Among the four princes Rama , the eldest , was his father’s favorite . 

Lakshmana was deeply devoted to his eldest brother Rama. All four brothers loved each other very much All the four princes were sharp, intelligent, brave, and healthy. They were obedient and respectful towards their parents and teachers; and the love amongst these four brothers knew no precedence.

As the princes grew up Dasaratha made arrangements for their education under sages Vasishta and viswamitra. They were trained in war games and also were taught art, sciences and humanities. They acquired skills in Archery.

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