Ramayana Chapter 19 - Surpanakha to Entice Rama

 Ramayana Chapter 19 -  Surpanakha to Entice Rama

Ramayana Chapter 19 -  Surpanakha to Entice Rama

At Panchavati Rama and Sita lived happily and peacefully affectionately cared and served by brother Lakshmana. One morning the three proceeded towards River Godavari to take bath, offer morning prayers , perform religious rituals and also to bring water for the day’s use. 
                          They walked conversing and recollecting past events happened in their life. After bath and prayers offered , the three returned to ashram. 
                          After the day’s activities they sat to recapture the past sweet companionships and suddenly there came a Rakshasa woman none other than Surpanakha, sister Of Ravana. She in disguise appeared as a very beautiful lady to entice Rama to marry her. 
                         She insisted that Rama should marry her and started abusing Sita. Rama told her to approach Lakshmana who may like to marry her. 
                                                        When Lakshmana refused She appeared in her original form Of Rakshasi to frighten Lakshmana.When she began threatening and pestering, Lakshmana couldn’t bear. He became furious asking her to leave the place immediately. 
                                        When she attempted to attack he cut her nose and she ran away drenched in blood.

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