Ramayana Chapter 16- Rama was attacked by Viradh

 Ramayana Chapter 16- Rama  was attacked by Viradh

Ramayana Chapter 16- Rama  was attacked by Viradh

After few days with sage Atri and saintly Anasuya Rama, Sita and Lakshmana left the hermitage and continued their onward journey through the DANDAKARANYA forest . 
 On their way a demon by name VIRADH attacked them and made attempts to kidnap Sita. However after a long fight the demon was killed. 

      Then they proceeded from their and reached the hermitage of saint Sarbhang. It is said that in those days sages would often renounce their lives after they reached a certain point of fulfillment. Sage Sarbhang was preparing to leave his body at which time he heard that Rama would be passing by. 

                        So he desired to meet Rama and leave his in the presence of Rama. He informed Rama about his desire. The sage then sat on funeral pyre and lit it with the help his yogic power. Soon he was engulfed by the flames.

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