Ramayana Chapter 15 - Rama in Dandakaranya

 Ramayana Chapter 15 - Rama in Dandakaranya

Ramayana Chapter 15 - Rama in Dandakaranya

The trios arrived at the hermitage of sage Atri and were received with respect and affection by the sage and family.Sita was pleased to meet Saint Atri’s wife Saintly Anasuya. Anasuya was a powerful devout woman.

It’s said that years back there happened severe drought and wild fire had burnt everything on earth, it was then Anasuya with her devotion changed the course of River Ganga to flow through the forest bringing life to the forest thus bringing an end to the drought . 

Sita could see a good friend and advisor in Anasuya. Both shared their experiences and knowledge. Sita spoke about the swayamvara and her love for Rama. Anasuya spoke to Sita about devotion to husband, chastity and duties of a wife. 

Also Anasuya presented Sita celestial gifts. They spent few days in the hermitage.

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