Ramayana Chapter 14 - Rama leaves Chitrakoot

 Ramayana Chapter 14 - Rama leaves Chitrakoot

Ramayana Chapter 14 - Rama leaves Chitrakoot

Bharatha as wished by Rama had returned to Aydohya and taken charge of the Kingdom under Rama’s name by placing Rama’s wooden shoes on the throne as a sign of Rama. 

Bharatha then shifted his residence to Nandigram and managed from there the affairs of the country as representative of Rama. After the departure of dear brother from Chitrakut Rama was disappointed and felt restlessness and profound sadness. 

Not far from Chitrakut there was a place called Janasthana where the demon Kara brother of Ravana and Rakshasas were camping. They constantly created troubles to the sages of Chitrakut . Due to unbearable troubles and attacks from the demons the sages one day left Chitrakut. 

Now that the going away of the sages deprived Rama of their companionship. He felt loneliness and therefore decided to leave Chitrakut.
Rama accompanied by Sita and Lakshmana proceeded to the hermitage of the Maharishi Atri to seek his advice as to which part of forest they might establish their dwelling.

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