Ramayana Chapter 13 - Bharatha's Appeal to Rama

 Ramayana Chapter 13 - Bharatha's Appeal to Rama

Ramayana Chapter 13 - Bharatha's Appeal to Rama

Bharatha informed Rama that he and his counselors had come at Chitrakut with Royal robe and other articles of coronation to crown Rama as King of Aydohya. 

He further said to Rama that after the death of their father the throne is lying vacant and insisted that only Rama could become the King being the eldest among them.

 Rama refused to accept this and replied to his brother Bharatha that he was bound by the boons given by dear father to mother Kaikeyee which he had to fulfill. That’s why he left Aydohya. Rama advised that now it’s for Bharatha to rule Ayodhya as King in his absence. 

Bharatha replied “ if this is your order for me I must run the administration but in your name only and these wooden sandals of yours would be placed on the throne.” With these words Bharatha returned to Ayodhya with Rama’s wooden shoes.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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