Ramayana Chapter 10-Curse to Dasaratha

 Ramayana Chapter 10-Curse to Dasaratha

Ramayana Chapter 10-Curse to Dasaratha

King Dasaratha could not bear the separation from his son and his health was deteriorating. Few days after Rama’s departure to the forest on midnight Dasaratha woke up suddenly from sleep and he recalled an incident of past that occurred when he went for hunting. 

He could remember a crime he had inadvertently committed. An arrow shot from his bow by mistake had killed a young man whose father cursed the King to die of grief at loss of his son. 

Before long the curse had been fulfilled and Dasaratha died. Bharatha against the wish of his mother Kaikeyi refused to ascend the throne declaring that the sovereignty by right belongs to Rama. He did then set out to find his brother Rama.

Written by : Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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