Ramayana Chapter 1- Birth of Rama

 Ramayana Chapter 1-  Birth of Rama

Ramayana Chapter 1-  Birth of Rama

The great sage Vasishta by his yogic vision could see that all Devas together approaching the Lord Vishnu appealing him to put an end to the atrocities of the ten headed demon king Ravana of Lanka. 

Lord Vishnu in response to the appeals made by Devas agreed to adopt an incarceration as human being to kill Ravana. Vasishta foresees the birth of Rama as incarnation of Lord Vishnu to be in the royal family of Dasaratha. 

Therefore the sage advised the King to perform what is called a Puthrakameshti yagna under the priesthood of the great sage Rishyasringa to please the Lord . The Royal family priest Vasishta leaves after blessing the King.

The king Dasaratha complies with the advice of Vasishta. The arrangements were to perform the year long sacrifice. The great sage Rishyasringa was invited and under his priesthood the great yagna was performed. Rishyasringa as chief priest of this Puthrakameshti yagna made very powerful offerings in the fire that could cause the birth of divine Sons. 

At the end of the yagna a god emerged from the fire with a bowl of rice as prasadam. The rice was divided equally and eaten by the King ‘s wives Kausalya , Kaikeyi and Sumitra . After the horse sacrifice was concluded the King Dasaratha fathered four sons. 

Kausalya gave birth to Rama incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kaikayi bore Bharatha. Sumitra bore Lakshmana & Shatrugna. Dasaratha was overwhelmingly happy having four divine sons.