Ramayana Chapter 22- Ravana's Plan to Abduct Sita

 Ramayan Chapter 22- Ravana's Plan to Abduct Sita

Ramayan Chapter 22- Ravana's Plan to Abduct Sita

Akampana advised Ravana that no one on this earth could win battle with Rama. Only way to defeat Rama is by Abduction of his beautiful wife Sita. 
                                    There is no one on this earth to match her beauty. Separation of her from Rama will kill him, so great is his love for Sita.
                                       When he heard of Sita’s beauty Ravana’s desire was kindled. He in his mind thought that the defeat of Khara and his army was surely a fortunate event bringing an opportunity for him to have one more beautiful wife. He agreed with what Akampana had suggested. 
                                Akampana said to Ravana the success depends how best he could plan things. Next day early morning Ravana set out and went straight to Maricha’s home.
                                              Maricha welcomed Ravana and inquired what brought him to his dwelling so early in the morning. Ravana told him the entire story explaining defamation of Surpanakha and Khara’s death in the battle with Rama. He also explained his plan to kill Rama by inflicting him severely by kidnapping his beautiful and loving wife Sita.

Written by: Mr . Shenoy Divakar

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