Udayagiri Fort : History And Timings

Udayagiri Fort is located about 100kms from Nellore.Udaygiri fort commanding at a height of 3079feet.Boasts of great natural beauty.The hillside lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls. The ruined fort is attracting the tourists in a big way.
Udayagiri Fort

During the rule of the Vijayanagar rulers, the town grew to great splendor. The ruins of 365 temples found in the town reflected the sculpture and architecture of various periods. The structure on the hill such as the Ranganatha temple reflects Chola culture, the Balakrishna mandiram reflects Pallava culture and the paruveta mandapam reflects Vijayanagara Culture. Other Structures include Chinna Masjid and Pedda Masjid.

The hill of Udaygiri is also popularly known a Sanjeevi Hills as there are so many medicinal plants on the hill.

Pedda Masjid

First known the history of the city was from the 14th century. It was the capital of the local kingdom of Langula Gajapati, the chieftain to Gajapatis of Odisha. It came under the rule of Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagara around 1512. The Udayagiri fort, constructed by Langula Gajapati was inaccessible on most sides. It could be only penetrated only by a jungle track on the east side and a pathway on the west side. The siege by Krishna Deva Raya lasted for 18 months and resulted in defeat for Prataparudra Deva of the Gajapatis.

After the fall of the Vijayanagara Empire, it was ruled by chieftains of Golconda. The mosque on top of the hill has two Persian inscriptions that credit the construction of the mosque and the planting a nearby garden to Shaik Husain, the chieftain to Sultan Abdullah of Golconda. Then it came under the rule of Nawabs of Arcot, who granted the title of Jagir to Mustafa Ali Khan. His descendants controlled it till 1839 until they were deported by Nawabs again to Chengalpet for their treason.
This town is known as "Nawabi Adda", as this was ruled by the Nawabs and the Muslim population is very high in this town. The town people mostly follow Islam and Hindu religions. Languages spoken are Telugu and Urdu.

Timings: 9.30am to 5.30pm
This fort will be open on all days except festival and public holidays.