Thimmamma Marrimanu (Banayan Tree),Anantapur

 Thimmamma Marrimanu

The history of the tree has emerged out of a lady Thimmamma, who used to take good care and care for her husband who was sick. Later on, on her husband's funeral pile, she forfeited her life. (br)It is believed by the natives that the rod of north-east side pyre climbed and obtained inside this shrub. It is thought that this banyan tree has sprouted at the exact same place where she ascended the funeral pyre. That made the villagers believe that the spirit of this woman is still there in that tree and will always stay there. The tree was called as Thimmamma in the memory of that woman. It's stated that the three gods are residing in that tree.

Moreover, at this location, a major jatara is held on the Shivaratri festival. Lots of people flock here in great numbers to worship'Thimmamma' on this occasion. The regional people of this region consider that if a few praying for a child visits the place and worship'Thimmamma' with dedication, they will have a kid soon.

Do visit the place during Shivratri as there is a great celebration. As this place is a picnic spot, you have to carry sufficient food with you because nothing is available apart from refreshments at roadside eateries.

In 1989, it's listed as the largest tree in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Thimmamma Marrimanu tree, located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, is located about 25 kilometers from Kadiri town. The tree's branches spread over a land of 5 acres and it's a cover of 19,107 sq meters. There's a small temple built under the tree that's devoted to Thimmamma. An account of her lifestyle is created from Telugu language and it is kept at the shrine.

The place is accessible by all means of transport. This tree can be accessed by road from Anantapur which is 100 km away. Hyderabad is 497 kilometers from this place. The closest airport for those visitors to come would be directly in Bangalore that is 211 km. There's a railway station at Kadiri.