Srikalahasteeswara temple

Srikalahasteeswara temple

Srikalahasti Temple is located in the town of Srikalahasti, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the most famous Shiva temples in South India and is said to be the site where Kannappa was ready to offer both his eyes to cover blood flowing from the Siva linga before the Siva stopped him and granted him mukti.

Srikalahasti temple, situated 36 km away from Tirupati is famous for its Vayu linga, one of the Panchabhoota Sthalams, representing wind. The temple is also regarded as Rahu-Ketu kshetra and Dakshina Kailasam. The inner temple was constructed around the 5th century and the outer temple was constructed in the 12th century by the Chola kings and the Vijayanagara kings.

History : 
Architecture in temple

Vayu performed penance for thousands of years to "Karpoora lingam". Pleased with his penance, Shiva manifested before him and said, " O Vayu Deva! Though you are dynamic in nature, you stayed here without movement and did penance for me. I'm pleased with your devotion. I shall grant you three boons". Vayu said, "Swami! I want to be present everywhere in this world. I want to be an integral part of every Jiva who is none other than the manifestation of Paramatma. I want to name this Karpoora Linga, which represents you, after me. Samba Siva said," You are qualified for these three boons. As per your wish, you will be spread throughout this world. Without you, there will be no life. This linga of mine will forever be known all over through your name, and all Suras, Asuras, Garuda, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, kimpurushas, Siddhas, Saadhvis, humans, and others will worship this Lingam". Shiva disappeared after granting these boons. Thereafter, this Karpoora Vayu Lingam is worshipped by all Lokas.

Temple tower collapse and Reconstruction:

The 15-century iconic Rajagopuram of Srikalahasti Temple, built by Sri Krishnadevaraya, collapsed on 26 May 2010. As per Archaeology Department, the temple tower stood on a foundation that had a depth of only one-and-a-half feet and had a thin crack 25 years before it collapsed which expanded as years passed by.

The Rajagopuram is reconstructed again in its original form at the same location with a budget of 45 crores and is consecrated on 18, January 2017.