Rottela Panduga: Nellore Unique Festival

Nellore Had one such festival which is very unique and interesting. Roti Festival or Rottela Panduga is one of the famous annual festivities celebrated in Nellore.
Rottela Panduga: Nellore Unique Festival

It takes place in the month of Muharram and goes on for 3 to 5 days. The festival takes place on the premises of Bara Shaheed Dargah on the banks of Swarnala Lake in Nellore.

Bara Shaheed Dargah is one of the well-known Dargahs in Nellore. According to the legend, the mortal remains of the 12 Muslim martyrs are buried here. These soldiers fought against the British but lost their lives in the battle. Thus, the shrine of the "12 martyrs" is named as 'Bara Shaheed Dargah'. 'Bara' means twelve and 'Shaheed' means martyrs.
Bara Shaheed Dargah

Rottela Panduga is celebrated as a kind of thanksgiving festival when people thank the martyrs for their sacrifice. The main event of this festival is the exchange of rotis (Indian bread); people exchange rotis with each other and make a wish. Roti Festival is so famous, that many people across Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states come here to participate in the festival.