Rayalaseema Food :Spicy Food Of Andhra Pradesh

Rayalaseema Food

Rayalaseema, the southern region of Andhra Pradesh, has some unique dishes in its cuisine. Rayalaseema cuisine is famous for being spicy because of the liberal use of chili powder in almost all the dishes. Seema Karam is unique to its dishes.

There are different foods and snacks made in the Rayalaseema region. Some of the main courses include rice, Jonna, ragi roti with a combination of neyyi as well as Raagi Sangati, Usually served with spinach or Pulusu.

Uggani is a dish unique to Rayalaseema region especially of turmeric powder and is usually served with mirapakaya bajji, Uggani Bajji is served primarily as breakfast but generally eaten as a snack food too. It is spicy and is one of the ethnic and authentic dishes of Rayalaseema

Attirasaalu, pakam undalu, Borugu Undalu, and Rava laddu are the sweet specialties. Masala borugulu,pongannalu are other savory specialties.