Prakasam Barrage -Vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage

The Prakasam Barrage extends across the width of the Krishna River, linking the districts of Krishna and Guntur.
The barrage doubles up as an avenue bridge, and the last 3 canals of the barrage skip thru Vijayawada. The dam over the river occurred from a concept that originated inside the year 1798 in the mind of Captain Buckle, earlier than being bolstered through Captain Best and Captain Lake within the 12 months 1839 and 1841 respectively.
Following the approval by Major Cotton, the dam turned into further given a green signal by means of the board of Directors of East India Company on January 5, 1850. The production started inside the year 1852 and was finished 3 years later in 1855. The bridge was built in a while and named after Sri Tanguturi Prakasam, the primary Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The dam irrigates over 1.2 Million acres of land and is the primary important irrigation project of South India.
Besides irrigating enormous tracts of farmland, the dam gives a remarkable view of the lake and has ended up a chief tourist enchantment of Vijayawada.