International sports Arena and satellite township are going start in Vizag

International sports stadium Vizag

In Visakhapatnam, there are going to start the construction of the sports arena with the global criteria and satellite township. The Ministers have decided to deliver the task of acquiring lands for the construction of this township and stadiums into Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) from the cabinet assembly at Amaravati.

The polls regarding the land data had already finished by the revenue department. Now the work began on acquiring and construction process by VUDA.

At the outskirts of the town, the satellite township was located. The junction of five villages of three medals in the district could be assembled. This project comprises Aganampudi in Gajuwaka Mandal, Nanginarapadu, and Gangavaram in Sabbavaram Mandal and Pedamushidivada and East Marripalem in Parawada Mandal.

A sports complex over a 150-acre area was also anticipated. From the township, the budget of these homes will be in reasonable. Land polls and a team of tehsildars had reasoned recently by the VUDA. 898.47 acres at Gajuwaka Tri Junction and 149.77 acres in Kommadi, a total of 1048.24 acres of lands have been projected for the acquisition.