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What is Graphology?
We were all tutored to put in writing in a very specific means after we were kids in school, however, it's evident that nobody continues to put in writing precisely the means they were tutored and everyone's handwriting appearance completely different. if truth be told as presently as somebody will write, he or she step by step alters the shapes and sizes of letters in accordance with individual likes and dislikes.

Why is this? -Is Graphology Accurate
The reason is that our personalities have an effect on the means our handwriting develops when we have a tendency to were instructed to jot down. this can be as a result of handwriting is that the pattern of our psychological science expressed in symbols on the page and these symbols square measure as distinctive as our own deoxyribonucleic acid.

When you get to grasp a personality's handwriting to a tolerable degree, you acknowledge whose script it's, even as if it were a well-known painting or photograph. Graphology relies on the principle that each individual's handwriting features a character of its own and this can be entirely thanks to the individuality of the writer's temperament.

So it's the writer's deviations from the book-learned that permits skilled graphologists to assess, with the best accuracy, the character and capabilities of the author.

In fact, graphologists square measure exceptionally lucky in this they see before them, in black and white, the pattern within the symbolic variety of a writer's whole psychological profile. in contrast, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists everywhere the globe should formulate their own opinions entirely on the idea of what's told to them over an amount of your time by the shopper in question.

How do Graphology works?
Graphology may be a mix of art and science. it's a science as a result of it measures the structure and movement of the written forms - slants, angles, and spacing square measure accurately calculated and therefore the pressure is discovered in magnification and with exactness. And it's an art as a result of the specialist has perpetually to stay in mind the entire context during which the writing is taking place: the 'gestalt' of the writing as a full.

Writing consists of 3 things - movement, spacing, and form. A specialist studies these variations as they occur in each of those aspects of writing, and attaches psychological interpretations to them. knowledgeable graphologists can do a really high degree of accuracy.
What are the uses of Graphology courses? 
  • Recruitment where it is an invaluable aid because an experienced graphologist can pick out the best candidates, and advise over suitability.
  • Management selection in commerce and industry where it is employed in conjunction with psychometric testing.
  • Corporate training where it can highlight staff strengths and flag up weaknesses, potential, and motivation.
  • Security checking and the evaluation of honesty and integrity.
  • Career guidance for those seeking employment or a change of direction.
  • Compatibility assessments for business and personal relationships.
  • Personality profiling for individuals seeking self-awareness for self-development.
  • Child and family guide to help resolve sensitive issues.
  • Historical profiling for genealogists and biographers who want to learn more about people who have died.
  • Document examination and forensic analysis for assessing forgeries and poison-pen issues. (Note: B.I.G. tutors do not teach this specialist area.)
Graphology as a professional skill | psychology
For those wishing to become professional graphologists, the Institute offers a series of exams leading to diploma level (M.BIG). The B.I.G. not only fosters best practice and the highest standards of graphology but also, through its diploma course, trains experts to apply accurate graphological interpretation and to give a clear and thorough account of their findings.
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