Gandikota Fort Andhra Pradesh

It is a small village situated within the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. It has won momentum in the tourism circuit because of it nearly forgotten amazing gorge formed by Pennar River that cuts via Erramala hills. A gorge is normally a slim valley among hills or mountains, normally with steep rocky partitions and a circulation walking thru it. In reality, gorges are formed because of rock erosion over a protracted time period.


Though it's miles tough to believe that Gandikota’s Pennar River may want to have carved this kind of huge gorge, the continuous flow of water ultimately results in a deep trench through the land, which went on to show many layers of rock. In this complete technique, a fantastic website becomes fashioned, which got to be known as the hidden grand canyon of India.

This is also one of the favored tourist hotspots in Gandikota. This citadel has an excellent history to boast of, as it was once the invincible stronghold of its time. It became constructed in this sort of manner that the Gandikota gorge gives it a herbal defense on the north and west sides.

This large fortress changed into constructed inside the thirteenth century and has a 5-mile perimeter wall guarding it. The fortress manufactured from crimson stone has fashionable palaces decorated with complex carvings. You can choose to stroll leisurely alongside the citadel’s wall or spend some calm moments by using the serene river.

Gandikota Fort Andhra Pradesh

A journey to this region is really worth it, thinking about the truth that you may peep into history via the partitions of Gandikota Fort, which narrates the tale of numerous civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. After spending a few leisure time in Gandikota Fort, head towards the village, wherein you will be able to locate temples―Raghunathaswamy Temple and Madhavaraya Temple. You may sense a few types of thriller surrounding the partitions of Raghunathaswamy because the temple has no idols. Yet, the temple’s complex hallways, corridors, and pillars will do away with any feeling of fear and fill you with awe.

This region is steadily coming to light as visitors are keen to explore this hidden gem. These days, you could indulge in adventure activities, with which numerous ventures are seeking to make a mark in Gandikota village. So you may take part in activities like kayaking, mountaineering, hiking, and rappelling.