Do follow the healthy tips & Avoid Unhealthy food

Avoid Unhealthy food
Nowadays most of the peoples like unhealthy food & They are getting sick. Very dangerous Unhealthy food & fatty food Please avoid. do follow the Some healthy tips.
Lemon & Honey Juice.

First one is weight loss, early morning take one or two glass off water take it and one more tip is light hot water One glass, one spoon honey & lemon juice this two mixing off water take it. Daily early morning take, after a few days then show good results.
Weight loss

The next one is avoiding Oil food too. Take healthy food to be like, Leafy vegetables, Rayalaseema special Ragisangati, etc..,  Your body strong, good health give. the third tip is night time don't take heavy food. Take only parota or chapathi, lightweight food. Early morning compulsory must and should take breakfast, Don't skip the breakfast.
Healthy Food

Avoid street food, pizza, burger this type of unhealthy. these tips are followed & your health move on good condition.