Bamboo Chicken : Taste Of Araku

Bamboo Chicken : Taste Of Araku

The aroma of marinated chicken stuffed in bamboo shoots and roasted on coal would entice any meat lover traveling through parts of this ghat street from Visakhapatnam.

Bongulo chicken, a traditional kind of cooking with almost no petroleum and little spice, has eventually come to be cooked in 15minutes which too with simple bamboo and coal.

On way to Araku Valley, tourists will invariably stop at several attraction such as Ananthagiri Hills, Chaparai Falls, Borra Caves, Dumbriguda Waterfalls and the scenic Tyda valley.
Bamboo chicken

Bamboo chicken stalls could be found at all these spots with their owners, mostly tribal women, setting up their shops as the tourist rush picks up. Though the morning passenger train from Visakhapatnam takes tourists through some of the most stunning scenic valleys, many prefer to travel by car so that they can stop at these exclusive spots where bamboo chicken is sold