Asian Group and Mahesh Babu’s 7-screen superplex ‘AMB Cinemas’ opens in Hyd

AMB Cinemas, an acronym for Asian Mahesh baboo Cinemas, the Tollywood actor’s initial venture into the film exhibition business, was formally inaugurated and opened for theatre-goers on Sunday in Hyderabad. Asian cluster is one among the leading film distribution firms within the Telugu screenland and it’s their initial venture with Mahesh babu.
Mahesh babu, along with Narayandas Narang of Asian cluster, formally inaugurated the seven-screen superplex at Gachibowli on Sunday. AMB Cinemas, equipped with progressive technology and ornamentation, selected Rajinikanth’s recently released 2.0 for its initial show. Mahesh babu was apparently awaiting the release of the big-budget movie to take the plunge into the film distribution business.
The posh movie hall is found at a primary hub in Hyderabad town. according to reports, the latest the most recent technology and instrumentation, AMB Cinemas includes a beautiful lounge for patrons and a premium interval point. many that watched the primary screening of 2.0 at the movie hall took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the best technology used at the superplex.
Director Ram Gopal Verma showered praises and tweeted saying the only problem with the superplex was that it would be difficult for any film to match the wonderful place!

“The theatre is a SUPER DUPER BLOCKBUSTER”, he further wrote.