Anantagiri Hills

Anantagiri Hills

Anantagiri Hills is placed at the pinnacle of the Elysian Tirumala Hills and is ready 17 kilometers from the Araku Valley. Anantagiri Hills is positioned alongside the Eastern Ghats. Anantagiri Hills is like a store residence of strength. It can replenish the misplaced energy of an unwell character and enable him to get lower back to everyday life with former power and vigor. The brilliant views of sunrise and sunset at Anantagiri Hills lure the travelers.

Anantagiri Hills Waterfalls

Anantagiri Hills is replete with uncommon medicinal herbs that are indispensable for human use. The thrilling view of the panorama at Anantagiri Hills is mingled with its usefulness. River Musi floods the Anantagiri Hills making it an irrigable land. The coffee plantations upload to the scenic beauty of this vicinity. There are numerous waterfalls on this place and the appropriate gorges provide unforgettable reminiscences. The extravagant splendor of the Anantagiri Hills makes the tourists do not forget this region and so this region often reveals a place in their personal diaries.

The Bhavanasi Lake that flows throughout the Anantagiri Hills is also called Badrinath elsewhere in India. Tourists escape to Anantagiri Hills that allows you to get away the tropical warmness. The Borra Hills positioned only a few kilometers from the Hills are a million years of age. They are lovely and splendid. The natural limestone deposit on the Anatagiri Hills is unique of its kind. Since there are no pollutants medical doctors refer to Anantagiri Hills because of the great spot for the tourists who come right here to refill their misplaced energies.