Adoni Fort Kurnool

Adoni Fort Kurnool

Adoni is perhaps the biggest fortress in India with the stronghold dividers running past 50 km long. Adoni was an army installation for the Vijayanagara Empire in the fifteenth century. After the defeat of Vijayanagara domain, it was taken belonging by the Bijapur sultan. Adoni kept on being ruled as moderately free locale by nobles selected by Bijapur sultans. Siddi Masud, the legislative head of Adoni made a few increments to the fortification including the development of Jamia Masjid and a few townships. Siddi Masud had been an ardent gatherer of painting. Adoni later went under the control of Mughal domain pursued by Hyderabad Nizams. Tipu Sultan quickly involved this district. After the destruction of Tipu Sultan, Adoni went under British guideline and the remaining piece of Ceded area (Rayalaseema) until freedom.

The fortification has a few passageway doors, and it is surrounded on seven immense stone slopes. The stronghold is really an accumulation of 12 sub-fortresses worked consistently. There are a few spots of enthusiasm inside the fortress premises including Nawab Darbar Hall, Jamia Masjid, Venu Gopala Temple, Malik Rahman Dargah, Shiva Temple, Amba Bhavani Temple, and a few water bodies. The greater part of the center fortress territory stays in remains and endeavors are required from prehistoric studies division to resuscitate the post to draw in a huge number of visitors. Venu Gopala Temple is a magnificent sanctuary worked during Vijayanagar period on a fantastic scale with their mark engineering.

At a separation of 4 km from Adoni Railway Station, 100 km from Kurnool, 52 km from Mantralayam and 310 km from Hyderabad

Ranamandala Anjaneya Swamy Temple, situated inside the fortress premises is one of the renowned journey destinations in Adoni. It draws on a huge number of visitors from close-by areas, particularly on Hanuman Jayanthi and other real celebrations.
It takes around 4 hours to investigate all the significant places in the fortress. It is accepted that the fort has mystery burrows that interface with Bellary and Hampi fortifications.