Cashew-Semiya Upma

  1. Mustard Seeds (one tea spoon)
  2. Cashew nuts (50gm)
  3. Wheat flour (Upma flour) (250gm)
  4. Semiya (100gm)
  5. Carrot 1 piece (slice into small pieces)
  6. Cabbage 100gm (slice into small pieces)
  7. Curry leaves little
  8. little salt.
  9. Ghee/Vegetable oil/ corn oil /olive oil
  10. Green Chilly 2 pcse
  11. Onion 1 piece 
Preparation method:

First of all add semiya and wheat  (upma flour) in the pan and fry without oil for little time.

Now put some ghee on the pan and take cashews and make it little fry and take it in separate plate.

Now add little oil in pan and add little mustard seeds and make it little fry , after sometime  approx 1min add sliced pieces of chilli , onion , curry leaves and fry it for little time.

Now add some water( double quanity of wheat flour u put.).(for eg: if u put one glass of upma floor add 2 glasses of water. )  and boil it for 2mins.

 Now add sliced pieces of carrot and cabbage to the pan and boil it for 5mins.
                  now add  Upma flour  & semiya mix to the pan and boil it for 2mins , when you add upma and semiya mix absorbs water with in a min at that time add roasted cashew to it and mix well in little heat .. when all water absorbs.. it mean delicious upma is ready to eat.

...Now eat & Enjoy..

                         For Good taste .. eat upma along with Pickle or Chutney Power ...

                                                                                                                      Thanks ..
                                                                                                                       By Team