Apple- Banana -Smoothie

Apple- Banana -Smoothie  ...Yours Healthy Breakfast Special:


  • 2 apples (Peel apple cover & cut into slices).
  • 1 Banana + 1 carrot (Peel Carrot cover & cut into slices).
  •  200ml milk
  • 2spoons of honey
  • 25gm Seesame Seeds
  • 25gms Raisins
  • 4-5 Dates
  • 25gms of Cashew/Badam 
  • 2 Cardamom pcs

Preparation Method:

  • Add Slices of Apple and milk to the Juicer and Grind it.
  • Add Banana & carrot slices to the juicer and grind it well.
  • Now add 2spoons of honey to it
  • Now add Cashew slices , Dates without seeds , 2 cardamom seeds and Raisins ..and Grind it well with Juice.

Now your .. Apple –Banana—Smoothie is Ready for Serve…

Add Sesame Seeds, Raisins and Without Oil fried ..peanuts  on Top for Extra flavor..

                                                                                                                 By team