Macho Veggie garnish Chicken 65 -

Mancho Veggie Garnish Chicken 65 :

                   1. 500 gm of  Chicken (Breast).
                   2.100 gm of  Curd.
                   3. Chicken 65 Masala.
                   4. 1Lemon .
                   5. Cashew nuts  15 pieces (As you like).
                   6.  cabbage 200 gms.
                   7. Capsicum 1piece.
                   8. onions.
                   9.Green leaves for garnish. 
                   10.mancho chips.

 Preparation method:
                   Cut Chicken breast into small pieces.  
Take a bowl   add chicken 65 masala , chicken pieces , curd , chilli powder, pour lemon juice and salt mix well  and marinate for 30mins.

                  stirfry ..cashew and cabbage until it become .. semi red color ,

             take fry pan , pour oil and heat it upto 3mins add marinated chicken piece and fry it until it get boiled , tight and fried. 

            after that take into pan .. 

              now make raw cabbage , capsicum , green leaves , capsicum,mancho chips and onions into salad like coreldraw  mix it with fried chicken and roasted almond & cabbage.

         Now -Macho Veggie garnish Chicken 65  is ready to serve.