How to check hidden files in usb

Now a days lot of them facing issue of USB files Missing due to usb error , because of antivirus or because of other reasons.  

U may see one shortcut on the usb file, it will show filled up space on usb icon but nothing will show when you open.

What need to do in that case?

ctrl + R - Run command will open 

type cmd in Run console Press enter

After opening of command prompt

Check the usb in allocated to which drive (F:/) or (H:/) or some other drive.

(For Eg: it is allocated to F:/ drive)  (Removable disk (F:/))

C;\users>    F:  ( Type F: Press enter) it will enter to F:\> drive

F:\>attrib -s -h -r /s /d         ( Type F:\>attrib -s -h -r /s /d  and press enter)
F:\>                                       ( Wait until it will enter to F:\> ) 

After entering to F:\>  you can view your hidden files there

    Note:It is better to save that files to Computer afterwards than keeping in usb