What do you think who can suit as a manager for small company?

In a developing company which got huge success in short span of time may consists of successful employees but not successful managers.
             There  is much difference between successful employees and successful managers because successful employees may persist with much technical knowledge and efficient work strategy to complete particular task where successful manager may or may not persist with technical knowledge but he may surely equiped with effecient managing skills for successful management.
But in small companies they are not able to recruit High effecient market researched professional because we need to pay better sum to take them to job based on experience.
   But there is one option which can help pick the right person among staff  who have most market researching skills incontrollingwill keeps you increase in your business and who can control expenses of the company because while getting quotes from different suppliers the manager who controlling the purchase should be able to analyze the quality of the product the value of the product because supplier always try to keep maximum margin in their product.
         Manager should be capable for control cash flow of the company.
         Manager should be capable of making staff in completing task in specified time.
          Manager should be capable of analyzing  employees skills in doing specified task  faster among employees.
          Manager should have skill of assigning task to employee it mean style of requesting/demanding to do task while giving.
         Manager should be kind while moving with employees not in work but while outside or in work while some one request something they should be someway of replying it should
In polite manner not like hurting other one.
       I think these are the minimum requirement which can meet for manager criteria for small company.