overtime employee is smart worker or hardworker?

Doing overtime is always you are likely to extend office hours which leads to loose of interest in work. 

Some employers will pay for overtime job in that case some employees willing to work overtime because they can earn double working hours pay. 

                 In my aspect overtime is always doing hard work not smart work because some employers give specified time to complete task employees always need to learn perfect smart tips of completing job easily(employers always likely to give more work because they can earn more money in less time.) 

               Always try to avoid doing overtime work because ur mind running like anything since 9hours if u do once again work it will increase memory loss or doing of lot of mistakes because if you remember one thing u are doing one activity daily if u leave office at particular time 05:30 daily for one week u can observe after one week also  ur mind will reminds it's leaving time at that time if u willing to do overtime ur mind will always wanting to take rest at time definitely u will make mistakes.

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