Energy Booster:Carrot & Beet Root Juice Preparation

1)Carrot :Carrot helps for good eye sight, cleanses body by removing toxins from body,act as anti aging agent ,   for healthier skin,it protects your teeth and gums.

2)Beet Root:Beet root packed with powerful vitamins and minerals it contains rich source of  anti oxidants which keeps you fit.


1)3 medium size beet roots.

2) 2 medium size carrots.

3)1 green apple.

4) 1 small ginger piece.

5)2  two spoons of sugar.

6) suffecient water.

7) ice cubes.

How to make.

Cut beet root,green apple and carrot into pieces without peeling it covers.

Now peel ginger and cut into pieces.

Put all cut peices in  mixer jar and add some sugar & water into it and grind in mixer/juicer for mean time after getting juice add ice cubes  and have it in same time. 

Take beet root and carrot juice every morning to stay refresh entire day and to keep away from heart deseases.

   Serve chilled and stay fit.