Do you think giving one persons daily responsibility to other person is making first person lazy?

Yeh! it is exactly right if you are giving one person daily duty of going to bank, dropping, paying bills etc to others. It is big mistake you are making because the thing is human body easily looks to take rest when there is no work on day.  
     For example daily you are waking up at 5'0 clock and going for exercise/walking for one month you no need to put alarm also for waking up you will surely wake up 5'0 clock  if you skip for 2days going exercise  automatically one third day you will feel laziness in yourself .

Same like that first person will always think to skip his duty I mean throwing his burden on others and claps his hand. it clearly intimates failure in administration.

Next day  if you tell him that job to first person. He will say give that work to second person  that's first step of showing lazy ness.
this article is based on my study on persons who is  working for some company.

That's y I mean to say try to avoid  giving one persons duty to other.
Nice administration always keeps employees happy.