Do you need good position or good salary in company?

If Any one asks you that you need good position or good salary in company all of them says good salary needed but i say i need good position.

Why You need Good Position?

Good position always brings you nice name , nice way to learn things faster because in better position companies always expect good service from give more responsibilities to build your career .

            Let us know something If manager says something to do more than your grade in better position you will research that and definitely you did that if you are in good position but in company if you are in lower grade you don't think or company wont ask you to do so.  

After Getting Good position you will get hike?

There is absolutely hike in your salary  but not immediately after two months surely because if they say we are promoting you don't think that you are promoted immediately  because they will check you for atleast 3months at your behavior after getting promotion and also they will check that you are capable of that position if you get most exited and behave in a bad manner they will simply keep you same position from where you came.

Are you sure after getting good salary you will get good position?

There is only 50% of chances after getting of good salary you will get good position because they will treat you as a same person  in same position looking for good salary.

In some aspects it is very nice some companies will always give good position with good salary for income generating positions.

If you are working based on service based position always prefer good position after that only you will get good salary once you proved better position.