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Are you taking up another persons job responsibility be careful while argreeing!!!!!!!!!! the task.

Hello friend!! Never take up  another persons responsibility on your hands unless you know the exact task & effort that you need to put on that?

                     It is easy to take up another persons job responsibility and did it for the first time the real story starts after wards the guy who's  work you  take over start playing a game of give that role of responsibility to you always at that time you don't have more options of rejecting because if you reject at that time you may become bad among your colleagues because situation make like that if you are soft minded.

                [ It happens because of improper leadership or management because getting management position is easier than managing in small companies because they became directly manager based on their association with companies for years.It won't  mean that they don't know managing they know managing but it is improper because of less management skills it is better to hire  good experience person as a manager which helps in growth of company and keeps happiness of employees.]

               That's y i am saying try to avoid take over of other work or try to share the  problem facing by you to common friends or understandable managers for hoping some change in your effort.

 Note:- It happens mostly but not sure because it depends on character of person or behavior of person.

                             Think Well before You Do.........................




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