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Do you think giving one persons daily responsibility to other person is making first person lazy?

Yeh! it is exactly right if you are giving one person daily duty of going to bank, dropping, paying bills etc to others. It is big mistake you are making because the thing is human body easily looks to take rest when there is no work on day.  
     For example daily you are waking up at 5'0 clock and going for exercise/walking for one month you no need to put alarm also for waking up you will surely wake up 5'0 clock  if you skip for 2days going exercise  automatically one third day you will feel laziness in yourself .

Same like that first person will always think to skip his duty I mean throwing his burden on others and claps his hand. it clearly intimates failure in administration.

Next day  if you tell him that job to first person. He will say give that work to second person  that's first step of showing lazy ness.
this article is based on my study on persons who is  working for some company.

That's y I mean to say try to avoid  giving one persons duty to other.
Nice administration always keeps employees happy.

Energy Booster:Carrot & Beet Root Juice Preparation

1)Carrot :Carrot helps for good eye sight, cleanses body by removing toxins from body,act as anti aging agent ,   for healthier skin,it protects your teeth and gums.

2)Beet Root:Beet root packed with powerful vitamins and minerals it contains rich source of  anti oxidants which keeps you fit.


1)3 medium size beet roots.

2) 2 medium size carrots.

3)1 green apple.

4) 1 small ginger piece.

5)2  two spoons of sugar.

6) suffecient water.

7) ice cubes.

How to make.

Cut beet root,green apple and carrot into pieces without peeling it covers.

Now peel ginger and cut into pieces.

Put all cut peices in  mixer jar and add some sugar & water into it and grind in mixer/juicer for mean time after getting juice add ice cubes  and have it in same time. 

Take beet root and carrot juice every morning to stay refresh entire day and to keep away from heart deseases.

   Serve chilled and stay fit.


How to stay strong with smile?

what lesson we can learn from tree?

Homemade Fat Burning Solution

Home Made Fat Burning Solution


1.      2litres of water.

2.      1lemon.

3.      1cucumber.

4.      Ginger piece.

5.      Sufficient Mint leaves.

How to make:

 Cut cucumber and lemon into round slices then crush ginger piece add small size mint leaves to water stir it for mean time. Keep it in fridge entire night

Have it in morning daily.

cucumber contains almost 90% water,lemon helps in lowering cholesterol,ginger  and mint helps in maintaining good metabolism rate.

Do you need good position or good salary in company?

If Any one asks you that you need good position or good salary in company all of them says good salary needed but i say i need good position.

Why You need Good Position?

Good position always brings you nice name , nice way to learn things faster because in better position companies always expect good service from give more responsibilities to build your career .

            Let us know something If manager says something to do more than your grade in better position you will research that and definitely you did that if you are in good position but in company if you are in lower grade you don't think or company wont ask you to do so.  

After Getting Good position you will get hike?

There is absolutely hike in your salary  but not immediately after two months surely because if they say we are promoting you don't think that you are promoted immediately  because they will check you for atleast 3months at your behavior after getting promotion and also they will check that you are capable of that position if you get most exited and behave in a bad manner they will simply keep you same position from where you came.

Are you sure after getting good salary you will get good position?

There is only 50% of chances after getting of good salary you will get good position because they will treat you as a same person  in same position looking for good salary.

In some aspects it is very nice some companies will always give good position with good salary for income generating positions.

If you are working based on service based position always prefer good position after that only you will get good salary once you proved better position.




overtime employee is smart worker or hardworker?

Doing overtime is always you are likely to extend office hours which leads to loose of interest in work. 

Some employers will pay for overtime job in that case some employees willing to work overtime because they can earn double working hours pay. 

                 In my aspect overtime is always doing hard work not smart work because some employers give specified time to complete task employees always need to learn perfect smart tips of completing job easily(employers always likely to give more work because they can earn more money in less time.) 

               Always try to avoid doing overtime work because ur mind running like anything since 9hours if u do once again work it will increase memory loss or doing of lot of mistakes because if you remember one thing u are doing one activity daily if u leave office at particular time 05:30 daily for one week u can observe after one week also  ur mind will reminds it's leaving time at that time if u willing to do overtime ur mind will always wanting to take rest at time definitely u will make mistakes.

Honey Ginger Tea- Helps in lowering Cholestrol

  1. Ginger Piece.

  2.  2spoons of Honey.

  3. 1Lemon.

  4. water.

How to make:

Take a bowl and pour some water and boil at boiling temp then crush ginger into pieces  and cut lemon into pieces.  

             After that make lemon into juice add crushed ginger into it cup then add boiled water to cup mix well and finally honey to cup and serve it hot for better results.

                                              ...........Keep Fit Be Fit...........

Weight loss Tips

  1. Making Habit of going jogging Daily.
  2. Keep Little Empty stomach for better Digestion.
  3. Avoid Drinking Soda.
  4. Avoid Using Oily Foods.
  5. Avoid Eating High Cholesterol Items.
  6. Always try to take food with rich in fiber which keeps you not hungry.
  7. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.
  8. Make habit of eating fruits which use to keep to maintain cholesterol.
  9. Take Fruits when you feel Hungry Try to avoid Junk Foods which is source of cholesterol.
  10. Eat before 3hrs going to sleep after eating have a small walk.
                                                        ..... Keep Fit  Be Fit.....


Tomato-Garlic Fry

  1. 3 Tomatoes.
  2. 2 onions.
  3. masala seeds.
  4. 1/2 of garlic.
  5. 2 green chilly.
  6. 1layer of curry l leaf.
  7. salt.
  8. 2spoons of cooking oil.
  9. coriander powder
How To Cook:

cut onions,garlic,green chilly curry leaf into pieces and cut tomato in round slices after that take a pan put oil in pan and boil in a low frame add masala seeds,cut onion,garlic ,green chilly and fry it in a low frame after that add salt,chilly powder and coriander powder fry it for sometime after few  minutes of frying add tomatoes and 
 cook it for a small mean time by adding coriander powder finally add curry leaves and mix it in low frame.

Now ur loving garlic-tomato fry is ready
                                ---------Serve Hot---------------------------- 

What do you think who can suit as a manager for small company?

In a developing company which got huge success in short span of time may consists of successful employees but not successful managers.
             There  is much difference between successful employees and successful managers because successful employees may persist with much technical knowledge and efficient work strategy to complete particular task where successful manager may or may not persist with technical knowledge but he may surely equiped with effecient managing skills for successful management.
But in small companies they are not able to recruit High effecient market researched professional because we need to pay better sum to take them to job based on experience.
   But there is one option which can help pick the right person among staff  who have most market researching skills incontrollingwill keeps you increase in your business and who can control expenses of the company because while getting quotes from different suppliers the manager who controlling the purchase should be able to analyze the quality of the product the value of the product because supplier always try to keep maximum margin in their product.
         Manager should be capable for control cash flow of the company.
         Manager should be capable of making staff in completing task in specified time.
          Manager should be capable of analyzing  employees skills in doing specified task  faster among employees.
          Manager should have skill of assigning task to employee it mean style of requesting/demanding to do task while giving.
         Manager should be kind while moving with employees not in work but while outside or in work while some one request something they should be someway of replying it should
In polite manner not like hurting other one.
       I think these are the minimum requirement which can meet for manager criteria for small company.