Tasty Chicken Franks Fry-Home made Specials

1) One Packet  of Chicken Franks.
2)2 Pieces of Onions.
3)2 Pieces of Green Chilli.
4)one Small Ginger piece.
5)Garlic pieces 1/4 part from  one piece.
6)sufficient salt.
7)sufficient chilli powder.
8)one tomato.
9)sufficient coriander powder.
10)one curry leaf set.
11)small quantity of mustard seeds.
12)Cooking Oil.

 First of all cut tomato,onions,chilli,curry leaf,ginger piece,garlic piece  and chicken franks to small pieces.

Take a cooking pan add two tea  spoons of cooking oil into it and put it on the stove. add mustard seeds to hot pan and stir it for a minute after-that add cut pieces of onion ,chilly ,curry leaf, ginger,garlic  stir it for a minute  after-that add cut pieces of tomato stir it for a minute and now add salt , chilly powder,chicken masala and stir it.

Finally Add cut pieces of chicken franks stir it in a low frame till it turns into all masala mix with the chicken franks and brings good taste.

Now It's Time to Enjoy Your meal.

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