Potato Fry- Home made specials

1)500 gm potatoes.
2)2 onions
3)2 Tomatoes.
4)3 dried chilies,
5)mustard seeds.
6)2 tea spoons of oil.
7)sufficient salt.
8)2 garlic pieces.
9)curry leaf
10)chutney powder(mixture of groundnuts,roasted gram ,dried chilies ,garlic)
( How to make chutney powder......

 Requirements: (groundnut seeds,roasted gram,dried chilies,dried chilies ,salt)
Take groundnut seeds make it roast in pan without oil for a mean time after that take dried chilies in a a pan  put some oil and heat for some time.
                                                            put groundnut,roasted gram,dried chilies and salt and grind it in a mixi after some time add garlic and again grind it for some time.
Now chutney powder is ready.)

How To Cook:
Take potatoes in a cooker pour some water and add small amount of salt boil it until it get well boiled after that peel the upper cover of potato.Cut onions,tomatoes,garlic,curry leaf into pieces.Now Take a cooking pan pour  cooking oil into it add Cut onions,tomatoes,garlic,curry leaf and stir it till it get fried on small flame now add some salt and chilli powder or fried dried chillies and stir it for mean time. Now crush the boiled potatoes and add to  fry. Finally take entire mixture of potato into one bowl and add chutney powder into it and mix well for sometime.

Now  Potato Fry is ready to eat.


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