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How to check hidden files in usb

Now a days lot of them facing issue of USB files Missing due to usb error , because of antivirus or because of other reasons.  

U may see one shortcut on the usb file, it will show filled up space on usb icon but nothing will show when you open.

What need to do in that case?

ctrl + R - Run command will open 

type cmd in Run console Press enter

After opening of command prompt

Check the usb in allocated to which drive (F:/) or (H:/) or some other drive.

(For Eg: it is allocated to F:/ drive)  (Removable disk (F:/))

C;\users>    F:  ( Type F: Press enter) it will enter to F:\> drive

F:\>attrib -s -h -r /s /d         ( Type F:\>attrib -s -h -r /s /d  and press enter)
F:\>                                       ( Wait until it will enter to F:\> ) 

After entering to F:\>  you can view your hidden files there

    Note:It is better to save that files to Computer afterwards than keeping in usb

"About Happiness"

Quote:- " Happiness will stay along with you only when you stops comparing with other people"

Reported Hacking Page-Have you trouble in opening your website... Need Solution?

Malware attack to websites is big challenge to developers now a days  especially  who is using third party plugins ,themes for designing of website as we of we know developers use their custom coding method for development of theme set which contains 2000 lines of coding which is difficult for other person to findout what is error.

      Best suggestions is to:
  1. To take backup of your fresh website.
  2. Use Strong Tricky  Password for your website logins & Hosting Accounts.
  3. Scan your Backup every time to find corrupted programs.
  4. Take Site lock for your website which protects by scanning pages every time of activity and finding of malware.
  5. Check the hosting site files find any unknown files which not related to your site is there
  6. .

Setting Up E-mail in Outlook

click here to download How to setup e-mail in outlook Reference Material

How to configure outlook outside office settings

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